Something changed when I had new strings put on my Bow.......

Keeps shooting HIGH and LEFT
Make adjustments still high and LEFT
Arrow wasn't flying square, couldn't get it to do right.

Went and baught a new sight and new arrows....G5's broadheads
Still having the same problem.
I have adjusted the sight up and over trying to get it to correct. To shoot lower and to the right but it just keeps flying off target.

Im beginning to think my whisker bisquit is the issue, its the only thing I haven't replaced yet but I have adjusted it several times.

Browning Lightning 65LBS
I had trouble with it before but eventually got it on track but the strings finally worn out and had it replaced and now I'm way off.

Ive shot it over 30 times today and adjusted all the new parts but still OFF TARGET.

Try again tomorrow, but I could have baught a new bow with the money I now have in this one.
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