Had a couple hours this morning to go hunting. hadnt been in 2 weeks due to the broken toe. Didnt think a limit was possible anyway so i took out my little browning bl22. its no cz, but it is a fun little gun. wind was swirling started slow. went to a ptach of woods that was easily traversed due to the foot. not what i would consider a prime squirrel spot. ended up with 4 by 8 oclock and was headed out and added a pair. As i left the woods, i picked up a lone cutter. ended up with 7 squirrels all grays, 5 travelers and 2 cutters. lil gun did pretty well. only laid eyes on 10 squirrels all morning. i should be back in the saddle saturday and defimitely will have a cz in my hands.

"I will predator hunt for food "