Archery is like throwing a cast net... you can get good at it, and then something goes wack and leaves you wanting to destroy the equipment. Well actually, I am shooting decent groups, but it's frustrating getting it zeroed in. I was consistently shooting a little high and left, so after several days of this I adjusted the sight up and left. I may have over compensated the up adjustment, because the groups are now a little low, but are still left. And I cant touch the sight yet (wont let myself) just to be sure it's not my shooting that is inconsistent. A few more days of shooting and I will move the sight again... hopefully I can have a decent zero by season. Oh yeah, then I gotta shoot broadheads and re-adjust the sight again. Goal is to have a decent group at 30 "just in case" but mainly keep my shots to 20 yards or less in the woods.

The main motivation to shoot my bow comes from the desire to deer hunt with it... I rarely shoot it off-season until later in the summer with enough time to get good for deer season.