These are some pics of my summer projects. These plots all had Wheat, Oats, and DER. We turned them under in the late May and planted after we had adequate moisture in the ground. A few timely rains and now I have the best plots i have had in the summer in years.

I have one plot that is 5 acres
One that is 3 acre
One that is 1.25 acres
One that is .75 acres

I planted them all in a mix of Sunflowers, Soy Beans, and Cow Peas except for the smallest plot. The .75 acre plot i put in buckwheat and a very small amount of sunflowers. This is my 6th year doing plots in these fields.

The first two pics are from the 5 acre field. When deer come into the plots they disappear in the forage. I am 6 ft 5 so you can see the magnitude.

Here are some random shots of the plots

Here is a phot of my buck wheat and sunflowers. The buck wheat has matured and is dying and the deer are POUNDING the seeds.