I HATE posting such late reports, but I've been a busy beaver this week and I wanted to get video uploaded before I posted. Finally done.

Had a great trip last Saturday with John Hughes and his friend Marvin. We caught several decent largemouths on live bait early, but could never find a smallmouth. We finally switched over to catfish and John had the magic hand. He put two big flatheads in the boat and we lost two more BEASTS... one came unbuttoned and the other broke 40 lb. leader. After losing three big fish in the last two trips, I have finally decided I'm going to have to size up my leaders to what one of my big cat buddies describes as "weedeater line."

Here is a pretty cool video of John's battle with the big flathead: http://youtu.be/1yPtrAYRjAE (play in HD)

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