Well, after experimenting with brines, marinades, butchering & cooking techniques for Squirrels all summer long, plus running all of my friends down for surplus squirrels, the World Squirrel Cookoff is finally upon us. We'll be heading out Bentonville AR tomorrow to compete against 49 other teams with a hand selected batch of extra young, extra tender Midtown Memphis grey squirrels from the Spring squirrel season and a batch of big ol' Tennessee River squirrels, all of which will be presented in the cookoff as:

Jamaican Jerk Squirrel, Rice & Beans cooked in squirrel stock with a twice fried Plantain, Mango Chutney, Pecans, and Sweet Pepper.

I really have no idea what to expect as far as other team preparation and submissions, but our goal has been to deliver a plate that is unapologetically squirrel and that would be equally at home served as haute cuisine or as street food.

As far as Squirrels themselves, we discovered that the Central Gardens neighborhood of Memphis tends to have very small grey squirrels, many of which are basically "Chiwawa Squirrels." Even the older ones with ratted ears and yellow teeth tend to be smaller than usual. As a result, back during the Spring season, we were able to freeze a batch of very young, very small squirrels which are incredibly tender. BuckWild just gave me some huge squirrels he got up at the river which we are using to make our stock with. Which, by the way, squirrel stock is amazing.

We'll see what happens.

It doesn't have to be fun to be fun.

Wild & crazy, can't be stopped. Only the strong will survive.

Keep your knife sharp and your skillet greasy.