So I was scaning craigslist jobs about a week ago and came across one I was interested in,emailed them my qualifications and number to be reached at.Well they called me yesterday and gave me the in's and out's of the job and what it paid,and then we set up a interview for Thursday at 11am.He said the job is on Hardin valley rd in knoxville but they'll be conducting the interview in Powell.

I thought no biggie,I'll be there.He gave me the address,and this morning I typed in the address he gave me and it is Starbuck's address in Powell..LOL So I call him back this morning to confirm I have the right address and he said yea,I guess I forgot to mention we'll be conducting the interview at starbucks,and that the actual business is ran out of the owners home.This is starting to have SCAM red flags written all over it for me.I'm thinking this is a Scam to get perssonal information from me.What do you guys think? Right now I don't think im going to that interview.
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