Yep, I'm getting anxious...thought I'd share a few camp to see yours too...

What would deer camp be without a little pickin' and grinin' I am playing for my little grandson while he kicks up his heels..

Two of my sons and grandson stack the split wood..

Everyone gets involved and pitches in...that's the old coach doing more supervising than helping...

This year we will have a few salmon filets from this big King I caught in Lake Michigan...should be a good break in the diet from venison

Son and grandson zeroing in the rifle

And a little handgun action

I think I have a few goose breasts left from one of my son's trips last winter...should be good in a crockpot

Hopefully, the old buckpole will get another workout this year too

Neighbor helps me take down a tree...

Porch sittin'

And of course...the deer...son Shaun

Son Jeremy

And the old Coach...

I couldn't fix your brakes so I made your horn louder....

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