Same as last year

Ok guys! You all know how I feel about tree stand hunting! I have kinda taken over the tree stand safety thing here on TN DEER.
I have decided to start early this year as I already have donations of a couple of safety harnesses.

Most of you guys know I don't tolerate tree stand accidents. I ticks me off!
I know a lot of you guys are getting Stands out and practicing shooting your bows while elevated. If your feet leave the ground , you have to be hooked up.

So here are the rules!
If you need a harness there are a guys here that will send you one! Free!
If you have a harness to donate, you can send it to someone on this thread!

There is a catch! If you receive a harness! You must pledge to wear it! You are not allowed to tree stand hunt without one per your pledge!

Please use this thread to post harnesses for donation, post harness success stories and fall stories, also use it to make your pledge for 2012!

I need a sticky mods! Thanks Big J

Also remember the first day of muzzleloader season is NBForest day!!!!!!!

Thanks to Big J we have this every year to help keep us Tndeer hunters safe.