I did not wish to hijack Kirk`s post so I started another. Near Tragedy could be near death. Boats and motors have come along way. Both the boats and motors are being designed to go faster. At what point do we do like NASCAR and put restrictors on these fast boys. It ain`t no fun being in a 14 ft boat with a 9.9 motor and having a 20 ft 200hp bass boat swamp you. Also even a 19 to 20 foot boat can be swamped. I was on a 20 ft pontoon boat and had a high speed boat cut across in front of us. The wake came over the front of the pontoon. There are no brakes on a boat. It is a wonder that more tragedies and even death do not occur. Also I am in favor of a mandatory boater safety course. Too many idjuts operating toy they don`t know how to properly operate. Please feel free to agree or tell me to mind my own.
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