After sitting on I-65 all day yesterday due to the road closure, I didnt back till late last night. Wasnt sure if i could get up. Avoided the overwhelming temptation to punch the snooze button and finally stirred. Had about a 2 mile bike to my hunting spot and a long walk in. Nestled in my spot at 6:10, a pinch late. These woods are tough. About a 12-15 acre block of hardwoods that were selectively logged about 20 yrs ago. The problem is that while the woods are predominated by large hickories, the logging left a 15 foot understory that makes tracking squirrels from tree to tree teeter on impossible. shooting windows are few and far between, and the fun starts when the squirrel hits the ground since there are no discernible land marks- all looks the same. had 2 on a stick by 7 am, even though the action was incredible, there were no shots at all. got to 5 by 7:50, and really thought a limit was unrealistic. But the squirrels were everywhere, in fact i would venture that i laid eyes on more than in any other hunt in life ( and i have squirrel hunted a few times in my day). at 8 oclock enter a cluster of hickories that had so many squirrels cutting, the noise was deafening. Finally they started move and i anchored 6 and 7 at 8 on the dot. Shot a pair out at 8:05 and while i was putting them on the stick, i heard number 10 in the tree above me cutting on hickory. found him in the scope at the top of ancient shagbark and touched off the last shot of the morn at 8:12. I am sure the lil cz earned a couple scratches this morn, but all in all a great hunt. 6 males, 4 female. 9 grays and one small fox. amazingly only 3 travelers. Due to the thickness, cutters dominated the morn. Stopped on the way out and took the pic by an old log cattle barn. Challenging but really great hunt. Cant wait till the morn. gonna hit some more hunter friendly woods.

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"I will predator hunt for food "