Someone sent me the following allegedly from Niceley's Facebook page: Today I am calling for Ed Carter to step down as Executive Director of TWRA. I can no longer justify to my constituents voting any continuance for an Agency that lacks even the basic elements of discernment or discretion towards the people they serve. Recent incidents involving the TWRA including questionable arrests, undue force, as well as ham handed treatment of law abiding citizens who pay their salaries, leads me to conclude there is a serious management problem within the Agency. We have restructured its board and refused to reconfirm its chairman, still the Agency's customer service continues to deteriorate.

Niceley apparently is referring to an two recent articles in the Tennessean covering the arrest of a Nashville Councilman for failure to appear on a boating safety citation. Due to poor reporting, TWRA was tagged as the arresting agency. Only problem is, per usual for the good Senator (and sloppy reporting), he's again accusing the Agency of doing something they had NO part in. It was Metro who performed the arrest - TWRA officers had no knowledge about or hand in the enforcement action. Kinda like Niceley's claim that TWRA introduced coyotes into Tennessee. Something happened so TWRA must be at fault.
"What is man without the beasts? For whatever happens to the beasts, soon happens to man. All things are connected." (Chief Seattle)