Recently lucked out and a spot opened up on a friend's lease. For a few weeks now I've been stewing about a particular location. It is elevated and overlooks a clear cut below that also has a finger of smaller hardwoods maybe 20-30 yards wide extending into the clear cut maybe 100 yards. The only place I could get to that has (a) good climber trees and (b) I wouldn't be spewing my scent over half or more of the clear cut is this particular location. It looks great. Just one problem - maybe 20-30 yards behind is the old logging road and I can expect some hunters to be walking down that back to camp at lunch/late morning. I think I could position a bit farther down the break line but I'm not sure how much farther and still maintain that nice elevation to overlook that clear cut and finger.

Would you pass on it because of that old logging road or go ahead and put up a stand?
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