I remember years ago when I was young and learning the ropes of TN hunting. I hunted with the same buddies (5 0f us) all the time. We went on several draw hunts together each year and woke up with hang-overs. I'm talking about probably 12 years in a row....... \:\)

Now that we have got older and have busy schedules. We don't get to hunt much together anymore. I have spent many of morning hunting the mountains of E. TN by myself and sending a text to one of my buddies, where my location would be.

There's a trade off for everything.... In the early days we didn't really care what we killed. We would shoot the first thing that walked by and drink all night. It was all about spending time with friends ad having a good time. Since those days I let more deer walk and give more focus to detail.

My point is..... The early days I killed very few deer. Since I been hunting a lone, I have killed my biggest bucks.

Which one would I prefer..... Drinking beer around a camp fire and talking about all the deer we didn't kill..... \:\)

Yes... I did post this under the serious deer forum.... \:\)

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