The gator buck thread about buying bucks got me thinking. When I was stationed in east Nc everyone hunted deer with dogs. They sectioned off a square area, had truck setting every 50 yards, and let the dogs loose. Then they waited until the dogs ran a deer out then it sounded like a shooting range.

Nc was thick land, there were some areas that I hunted that it took me a hour to get a couple hundred yards to my stand. I didn't like seeing deer killed after being ran to death by dogs. It wasnt fair to me.

On the other hand I hunted for two years and only saw maybe 15 deer. It is very hard hunting.

I was wondering what everyone elses opinion on this is. Im sure there has been other threads about the subject but I havent been around for them.

Edit: Meant to ask earlier, is hunting with dogs hunting or shooting?

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