When the wind is wrong, when you can not possibly get in to your stand without boogering up the place and busting deer, or you simply realize that by location your place is not a morning stand....do you still go? Do you wait and go in the afternoon or simply stay out altogether until it's right?

Does the lure of hunting force you to mess up your place?

Alot of hunters will tell you that they go because they can't kill one on the couch or they hope to get lucky and not spook that big buck they believe is in the area.

How many here have actually sat at home when things were not just right and believe that they have helped their cause by doing so?

It can be very hard to do, especially when the time of year is right and everyone else is in the stand. How many can fend off the lure of the stand and stay at home after waiting so long for the season to get here?

It only takes one hunt to kill that big deer, but it also only takes one "booger" to send him running over to the neighbors property.....

I have been quilty of both scenarios.....staying out and NOT!

The thing is that when we do go, we have no idea what damage we may have done, and when we don't go, we have no idea what we may have missed....

Welcome to what hunting is really all about..

enjoy the season!
There are some people who always seem angry and continuously look for conflict.

Walk away; the battle they are fighting is not with you, but with themselves.