Put this here instead of the fishing forum because I'm seeking opinions from you guys. I have owned many boats of every size and style, but I have never deer hunted out of one. This year I'm looking to hunt out of one (transport myself and hunting buddy to hunting spot).

Concerns are that a V Hull will not be stable enough to load/unload persons and equipment (tree stands... hopefully a deer) during beach landings. Also that a flat bottom will not be dry enough on a breezy day going across the lake, or worse, clear day turns to windy day and have to get 2 people 2 stands and 2 deer across a 2 foot chop weighted down. I know multiple trips can be made in such an event, but a V hull would be a much smoother and dryer ride... but I hate the canoe effect.

Obviously pros and cons for each, what is your opinion and why? PS: Looking at like a 14' maybe 15-30horse, light and easy to drag out of the water if need be.
I used to be indecisive. Now I'm not sure.

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