I noticed that they have an after deer season hog season. Are there lots of hogs up there? I've read that there is a place that used to be a hunting reserve and that is the source of the hog infestation.

The other question I have are there lots of landowners that let you hunt them or is that a myth? I know in other states they whine about the hogs but then charge you to hunt them. \:\)

I've been to South Carolina hunting hogs in the swamps and I'm addicted. Since I can't get the landowner to give me a clear day to return, I'm probably just going to pay for a trip up on the plateau. It isn't that much more than the cost of driving there and staying and you usually get a big hog since they are fenced hunts.

Also, I've heard of a couple of WMAs that you can shoot them during big game seasons. I'm going to look into that as well.