I had heard that the ribs at Alex's Tavern were excellent, but they are only randomly available. 90% of my encounters (and most Memphians encounters) with Alex's is after 3 am. I'm not sure of the definite story as to why Alex's is unapologetically open and serving drinks until well after sunrise. One story that I have heard is because it was grandfathered into the city codes when last call was established. The other and most likely explanation is because Alex's is a very popular cop bar, especially late at night/early morning. Who is going to enforce codes at such an hour and what code enforcer is going to attract the wrath of the entire MPD? Sounds like a reasonable explanation.

Anyway, some friends and I decided to head to Alex's at the early hour of 9 PM last night. If you go to Alex's before 1 am, you will usually have the place to yourself. Its a smoky bar close to the ghetto that has a "old man" setting about itself. Its the kind of place your grand pappy would have drank at in the 50s. Alex's pride themselves on their burgers, which are excellent, especially at 4:30 in the morning after a long night of drinking, or at 7:30 in the morning after a long night of Catfishing. When we pulled up and saw that the simple, side by side smoker was pouring out a cloud of smoke, we immediately ordered 4 slabs of ribs and sauce on the side.

The ribs are St Louis style in appearance, very dark and heavy bark. No 3,2,1 methodology here, just straight slow and low. The seasoning is a Greek based seasoning a la Rendezvous seasoning, but at a whole other level of competency. The sauce was a thin, smoky and spicy. I didn't use but a tiny amount of it because the ribs did really not need it. Bites of meat broke cleanly and perfectly from the bone, however, the rest of the rib would remain intact. Best ribs in town. Do yourself a favor.

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