Pardon long post , but people need to be aware of these artists.
In Smyrna thursday turner onto Old Bna pike, heard a loud pop and hit the brakes to slow down and see what was the problem. NO Brakes, went to the floor , eased down to a strip mall crawled under it and could see nothing, broke nor leaking . The brakes worked a little after pumping them . Thought I might get back on I24 and try to get back home to my local garage. Brakes went to the floor again so I headed to the closest place I knew. Good ole Firestons on Sam Ridley. From the wait room I could now see brake fluid dripping and on inside the passenger side front tire. The man on desk came in to get me after 30-45 minutes and informed me that the caliper had broken , OK let me see it , when I went out he said the other side was worse than the one broken ? I told him to skip the scary story and just gimme the bottom line. Well he said it was going to be expensive,,, Im think maybe couple hundred tops. I'm then informed they have to replace both calipers, both sets of pads and oh yea your rotors are less than standard so they can't be turned. they both have to be replaced too! I asked him why they were even looking at the left side as the problem was obviously on the other side. He then told me it was company policy to replace both sides. I told him my policy was for him to put it back together just like he found it ! And I would have it picked up. Towed it to a good friend's hose about 5 miles away. that did cost me $50 , got on internet and ordered new caliper from Advance auto , Did you know you could do that ? it came with 20 % off too. also got new pads. longer story shorter , put it together including bleeding the brakes in about an hour and $79.00 later. The old caliper was not even broken , the pads had disentegrated and the pop I heard was one of them shattering. The cylinders were scratched up some and because they had extended far enough to leak fluid I went ahead and put the new one on. Works just like new . I expect this kind of bs from car dealerships , guess I can add the old tire boys to the list !