Last couple of weeks I have been prepping my plots for the fall. I've increased my acreage from about 2 to 6 acres. Mainly because I love those 4 legged wonders and don't won't them to go hungry this winter (assuming the mast crop is non-existent). Probably won't even hunt over half of what I plan to plant.

Anyways, I've become very 'skilled' with a plotmaster, plow, drag, and tiller. Finished tilling the last plot last night around 10pm. Gonna try and spread lime tonight (my dad brought my papa's spreader for the tractor). Till one more time after that and wait.

I believe that I have learned more things related to deer hunting from this particular forum (QDM) in the last couple of months than all my other readings (books and internet) combined. Some of you guys really know your stuff. Thanks for sharing!

2 plots (around an acre each) that I worked this spring didn't do to well. Upon the advice from a couple of you guys, I just let the weeds grow - mostly ragweed. I see deer in them everytime I go to work the plots. My best day was 3 moms, 5 fawns, and 3 turkeys. Walking through the plots, I easily saw where they were eating part of the ragweed. They really like the new leaves sprouting.

With this heat, it has also been a great way to lose weight. Spent a couple of hours last night pulling roots and rocks out of a new plot that used to be a sapling field. I was drenched. Got my annual dose of poison oak/ivy a couple of weeks ago. Glad that is gone.

I believe that I'll take a few pictures tonight of the plots to post.
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