My neighbor texted me on Friday that he was having a party on Saturday and wanted to do some venison. As the primary source of meat, we put several cuts of venison on the smoker, but I had read about this frontier method of cooking large pieces of venison such as heads and necks where they would wrap the pieces in wet burlap and bury them in the fire. I thought this would be my perfect opportunity. I've been increasingly experimenting with charcuterie with successful inaugural attempts at making Headcheese, Venison Salami, Pepperoni, Bresaola and other batches of dry cured sausages. -confidence was high.
First thing we did was stoke a hot fire with pieces of Oak.

Then I started in on this neck from a large Doe, rubing it with a light coat of pork lard.

Gave it a good coating of Sea Salt and crushed Juniper berries

Then started wrapping it in foil -probably 6 layers.

After the foil, we wrapped the "package" in 2 soaking wet towels.

Then, we dug a hole in the coals and place the meat in there. There were no real instructions available other than a "few hours." So, for the next couple of hours we drank beer, moved some coals now and then.

The party swelled to about 20 people and everyone was interested in the "hobo" meal cooking in the fire. So, with a crowd full of onlookers, I dug the package up, picked it up with the shovel and.... it disintegrated completely into dust. Absolutely nothing left except for 1 single charred neckbone. \:\(

Not sure if I've ever had a food failure on that scale. I think that next time I try this, I'll bury the coals in some dirt instead of just leaving it open. With so much foil and 2 wet towels, it never occurred to me that it would burn up.
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