Green beans are coming in right now, and we have put up 23 cans so far. If you have never used the oven to can them, it is the way to go. Mom and Dad started doing it like this several years ago and now have everyone in the family doing it this way plus several others in the area. It is much easier than dealing with a pressure cooker.

If you have never done it, it is easy. Here is how we do it (detailed step by step in case you have never canned any):

- Of course pick, break, and wash your beans good.

- Place in a large pot or cooker on the stove. Bring to a boil and let them boil for 10-15 mins so that they change colors. Mom always called this blanching them. Watch them closely so that they don't boil over.

- While they are boiling, place a teaspoon of canning salt in the bottom of each jar.

- Right before they are done, put your rings and lids in a small pan. Cover with water and bring to a boil. You want them to start boiling about the time that they bean are ready and then turn them off.

- We always then remove the pot of beans and place the entire pot in the sink. DO NOT drain the water off as you need this for canning.

- On the other side of the sink, we put a glass plate to cover the drain and then start filling each can.

- To fill the can, we will place a large spoon full of beans in the bottom and then take a dip with a cup, measuring cup, etc that will have beans and enough water to fill the can about half way at the time. We then use a small wooden "tamper" (something my grandpa made my mom years ago) to tamp the beans in the can. This is basically stuffing them in so that you can get more in the can. You will then start adding spoon fulls and tamping until the can is full.

- Make sure that there is enough water to cover the beans at the top. If not, remove a few beans and add water. If too much water, remove water and add beans.

- Take a ring and lid out of the water, and tighten snug but not super tight.

- Then start placing rows of cans in the oven. Space them so that they don't touch the walls or each other. You can get 15 - 20 cans in the oven depening on what size.

- When done putting in the oven, turn the oven to 225 and set your timer for three hours. After three hours, turn the oven off, but DO NOT OPEN it. If you open it then, the cool air will explode the cans (ask my uncle \:\) ). Wait 7 to 8 hours before opening and removing. They should be sealed by then.

Short version: You basically follow the same routine as pressure cooking them, but you use the oven instead. Basically, fill the cans, fill the oven up with cans, turn to 225 for three hours, and then wait 7 to 8 hours before removing.

We usually put them in so that we turn the oven off right at bed time. Then either remove the next morning or evening.

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