Well as most of you know, mom and dad have been semi retired for the past few yrs and have been fishing most of the time. Mom took a side job to get extra money so they could go fish. Back in 1997 they bought a brand new bass boat to the specs they wanted. I remember going EVERYWHERE looking at boats back when they were looking at them. That boat was their baby...garage kept, waxed, and washed after every trip.

Friday evening they went to Watts Bar and got into the stripe and white bass breaking. They caught a bunch on topwater and spoons. On the way back home something bad happened. On the road they live on...less than 400 yards from their driveway. They encounter a dude on the wrong side of the road in a green BMW. Dad saw him coming toward them and got over as far as he could...but the guy still hit them. It tore the whole side out of the boat trailer and damaged the boat pretty bad on the bottom. The back end of the boat came off the trailer and hit the ground. Broke the transom saver into...and the motor hit the ground itself. The motor has quite a bit of damage to it where all the weight of the boat went down on it. It ripped the trailer hitch out from under the truck, and bent the frame of the truck.

They weren't hurt but the boat and trailer are destroyed. The BMW was in bad shape as well. The guy driving it had insurance but was doped out of his mind. He didn't even know he had wrecked. He was still sitting in the car not moving...dad thought he was dead because he had hit hard and not much was left of the front end of the car. The police estimated him going 60+ MPH when he hit. He skid over 100 yards after impact. Dad is heartbroken. This was their only hobby. The boat was in SUPER condition but it was a 1997 model. The insurance company is not going to pay much for it because it was a 97 model and 16 yrs old....especially not enough to get another boat. The pics show the trailer damage but most of the damage to the boat is underneath. It broke the wheel off the trailer axle and bent the axle itself too. Must have been a heck of a hit.