I spent some time yesterday oiling down my rifles in the safe and began to think about which rifle is my favorite. Everyone has a favorite rifle. It may not be the best looking rifle, the most accurate, the most expensive, or your "Go to" rifle for any hunting situation. This rifle is the rifle you would not sell and is not on your trading block. It is a rifle that cannot be replaced. What is your favorite rifle and why is it your favorite if you had to limit it to just one rifle that meets the criteria above?

I have several rifles that fit in those categories, especially the not sell and not on the trading block. As I wiped each rifle down I thought about which one is the favorite. Some were not even close to being my favorite, but I wouldn't sell or trade them for anything... well maybe if the price was right.

My favorite is in the middle of this pic. The Featherweight on the right I sold to Mossygoose and the one on the left I sold to Kimberman. It is my first rifle I've ever owned and the first rifle I bought with my hard earned money. I saved up for 8 months to buy this rifle. I had a low paying job at the time and a high maintenance lifestyle. The rifle was $389 at Walmart. I didn't kill anything with this rifle for 3 deer seasons. I was a terrible hunter starting out. I learned a tremendous amount of knowledge hunting with this rifle. I also have had hunts of a lifetime with this rifle that I will never forget. The second pic is a memory of most memorable hunt. Kimberman and I really got into some hogs. It sounded like World War 3. This rifle is not the prettiest, as I have rifles with beauiful wood and finishes. As a matter of fact, it's probably the ugliest. It's not the most expensive, as I have rifles 10x the price of this one. It's one of the hardest recoiling rifles in the safe due to the cheap stock. This rifle has never been on the trading block or for sale. It's the one that has given me the best hunts of my life so far, and the best memories. My rifle is a Winchester Model 70 .270 Win.

Winchester Model 70 Stainless Left Hand .270 Win.
McMillan Edge
Talley Lightweights
Zeiss Victory Varipoint #60 Illuminated