Now this is the very first time i have ever messed up and admitted it . Just joking, but i have an issue with my rookie mistakes. I have never hunted and decided i would because i am tired of begging for meat for my family. My father has 45 acres and is backed by a state park, i am around 200 yards away from it. We have never pressured or hunted here and i have placed some minerals and corn out. My problem is i placed a ladder stand 30 yards from food, i plan on removing all food and blocks 10-14 days before hunting, but i am afraid that i might be set to close to a trail. Here recently the deer have started wearing a path withing ten feet from my stand. Also they are in in early morning, pics and time on camera, and return mid evening. I have another ladder stand and a blind, should i leave the one up and hunt evenings and place the others around the creek and hill overlooking another trail. Or should i stay out of the stand, leave it up and look for somewhere else. I have two good size bucks around but i am just looking for meat. If they come in then ok if not there is around six to eight does around.