Ok, this is in reply to an article most of you hopefully read that Bsk posted. So, in short it talks about these "serial mature buck killers" or people that consistently kill mature deer and he profiles these hunters, and sees a common list of traits that the best deer hunters he knows has.

I am wondering what some of your opinions are on what traits some of the best deer hunters you know have.

I will start it off. I haven't had the opportunity to be around what I would consider a great deer hunter but I have been around some pretty good ones.

1) They are persistant, they have what they believe to be a good idea and they stick to it, even if it doesn't work out right away.

2) They are willing to put in the work. Alot of people I know want to kill big mature deer but they don't want to put in the work for it. It isn't something that is given to you unless your hunt for the Tv shows. xD j/k

3) I really think for some people it just comes natural. They are all about finding ways to get a deer closer and do not over do it or spook deer by doing so.

4) They are knowledgeable in deer behavior and how the weather and habitat affect deer and what to expect out of deer when one of these isn't "normal"

Like I said I'm no expert, this is just my opinion, I would like to see what other more experienced hunters think. Thanks
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