I had the pleasure of staying in Destin, FL with my wife and some of her friends this past weekend. Some highlights/lowlights:

There is less traffic at night. Especially overnight. We left our house on Wednesday around 9pm...we were "supposed" to leave around 6:00-7:00ish. I started to just wait and leave the next day (Thursday) during the day. My wife reasoned that it would worth the extra day if we left after work. We could take turns driving, and take a nap once we got to Destin.

It was pretty neat driving on a moonlit night. I like moonlit nights. Hence my name. \:D

Rural Alabama is pretty country. It was dark, so vision was limited, but...looked like a lot of foothills in Alabama. Add the nighttime fog, and it almost looked like mountains.

I'm almost convinced most of Mississippi is rural. Probably 90% rural.

Everyone has a preconceived notion about Florida. Everyone thinks of beaches and Disney World when you mention Florida. I got to travel route 189 in the north part of Florida. I noticed although it's mostly flat, it's definitely rural. I'd be willing to bet anything about Hwy 90 or I-10 is just as country as cornbread. As country as a wooden screen door. You get the idea. Probably some good 'ol regular folks in that area. They probably like to hunt and fish just as much as we do here in TN.

Destin is like the Gatlinburg of Florida. Sure, the beaches are great. Lots of good places to eat. Lots of places for shopping. There's even a Bass Pro/World Wide Sportsman there. Just like Gatlinburg, there's the main strip (Emerald Coast Hwy/Hwy 98), and traffic can be awful. But if you're willing to go off the main drag, you can find other stuff to do that's just as cool. Like visiting state parks...there's several in the area. I rented a kayak for a fraction what I would've rented at the main drag. No it wasn't on beach or the Gulf, it was in the Choctawhatchee Bay. Still good enough for me.

There were a lot of Alabama license plates in Destin. Also a lot of Alabama Crimson Tide fans. And a lot of Gator fans. And even a few Vols fans...key word: few. \:D

You can't go to the beach and NOT want to try saltwater fishing. The company I was with (two women and 3 teenage boys) just didn't understand this concept. I went in the mornings and the evenings while there. Didn't catch anything, but got a few bites.

Women in bikins. Just stating the obvious. \:D

All in all, my wife and I had a decent time. We went to Pensacola Beach on the way back and had a great time. We love PCB!

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