Got this a couple weeks ago from a guy I met fishing at Williamsport. He is wanting to sell his 14 foot jon boat and had no use for the motor that came with it so he gave it to me. If anyone is legitimately interested in a 14 foot flat bottom (I think alumacraft) on a decent trailer, let me know and I can get in touch with him (located in Columbia TN).

Anyway, it's called a Ted Williams 7 hp motor sold by Sears and I'm guessing an early '70s model. 2 stroke, air cooled engine but still has a water pump for the exhaust. Finally got her running today after some tinkering and fresh gas in the tank. It even has a small gas tank on top that is built in, good for backup. 24:1 gas oil ratio from what I've found online. Gonna be smoky

Hopefully will push my 13 foot Cherokee all right until I have saved some cash for a decent 20 horse motor.

Anyone familiar with these motors?

Video -

Sanded off the old paint -

New coat -

Thought I would share. If anyone is familiar with this motor, feel free to chime in some info on it, as it is new to me.