Well I just got back from checking my set up, specially constructed to hopefully snap a pic of some of the sorry, good for absolutely nothing, trespasser thieves that have been stealing my cams and whatever they can find on my place. I finally got some pics of one of them at 4:17:50 on June 26th, coming thru with a flashlight. Looks to be zeroeing in on a stand I have out there, that I had just taken down a little over a month ago, for fear of them getting it since they had already found my trail cam close by. He stopped in the last two pics and was shining the light upward in the direction of that stand. I can't post pics yet as I'm on my phone right now, but will be able to later on this weekend hopefully. I'm getting closer to finding out who these sorry pieces of trash are...

Amateurs: Built the Ark

Professionals: Built the Titanic