My wife was talking to some friends from Denver yesterday and they told her about some of the local rumors going around out there. According to them the White house tours were ended because the White house has been emptied of all of the important historical items. These items were moved to secret tunnels below the Denver airport. WHY? Because the polar ice caps are going to begin melting at an accelerated rate. Washington DC and both coasts are going to be under water.

So why is no one talking about this? The Dems would love for this to be true because they could use it to in-act drastic environmental taxes etc. Problem is there would be panic. So our gov't is going to keep it secret and let it happen. Then Obama is going to declare martial law and suspend all elections.

I thought it was crazy but did a little searching and found this UK Guardian story stating Washington believes there will be no polar ice by summer 2015.

THOUGHTS? We may not believe it, but it seems our gov't does
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