rsimms was nice enough to provide us with this story:

He made an excellent point when he said agree or disagree, just do something so we aren't just talking to ourselves.

So, read that link provided then use the contact information.
I, for one, am sick of this kind of crap and he has brought it way too close to home for me.

I just emailed the following to the owner, opinion editor and editor the the free times press or whatever the name of it is.

Feel free to use any parts of this you agree with.

Mr. Taylor,
I am writing you in regards to a thread that was posted on my website,
It was in reference to an “opinion column” written by a gentleman named David Cook.
I have several “issues” with this column that I would like to address with you.
Opinions are fine and expressing your own is what makes this country great. However when they border on, or in my OPINION cross the line into liable and accusations against public servants they cross the line.
Mr. Cooks pathetic use of making the men arrested for breaking the law victims BECAUSE OF THE COLOR OF THEIR SKIN, is sickening. I will be honest with you, I had to wait a day before even writing this because I was so infuriated.
When I returned to your site in order to obtain the email addresses I needed I found it odd the FIRST thing I saw was your “Ethics Policy”. I went on the read said policy and the very first line read something to the effect of,
“Nothing is more sacred to us than the readers' trust in us to tell the truth, to be accurate, fair and impartial”
Again, I will be honest with you, I didn’t read any farther than this first line because since the spewing of Mr. Cook’s is still on the site, it is obvious this policy is meaningless.
With race being in seemingly every headline you see, read or hear it is pathetic that someone would attack the TWRA as well as every law abiding sportsman / woman that hunts or fishes in the state of Tennessee by saying an officer performed his duty because they weren’t white?
The four men were (are) here illegally. They did not have fishing licenses nor did they have any form of identification that was in English. They were arrested and charged for that and Mr. Cook wants to make it about race?
I would love to see the men removed from the country BECAUSE THEY BROKE THE LAW and if Mr. Cook feels that sorry for them and feels they were done so wrong then maybe he could go with them.
I know that is emotion talking and isn’t going to happen but as a published author, business owner and a law abiding sportsman in the state of Tennessee (and a couple other states as well for that matter) who spends literally HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of dollars every single year for the privilege to hunt and fish in the state of Tennessee, I feel the LEAST that should happen is Mr. Cook should be spewing his accusations and liable somewhere besides at your newspaper.
I do know for certain, after attacking a government agency, he wouldn’t be working for me any longer.
Thank you for your time.
I am going to also include your Opinion Editor, Mark Kennedy as well as your Editor, Alison Gerber on this email as I really REALLY hope this doesn’t fall on deaf ears. It is a slap in the face of TWRA, hunters and fishermen in the state of TN as well as your paper.
Daniel R. Mires
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