Tennessee's debt ratio lowest in the nation

"There’s a simple reason why our state’s debt rate is so low—we borrow a small amount of money relative to the size of our government, and we repay it ­quickly," Comptroller Justin P. Wilson said in a prepared statement. "That’s a credit to our state legislators, who have managed our finances very wisely. They have helped keep the burden that future generations of Tennesseans will have to repay low."

The study, conducted by New York-based Fitch Ratings, used a metric that is calculated by combining the state’s net tax-supported debt and unfunded pension liabilities, then measuring them against the state’s personal income level, according to the comptroller's news release.

Tennessee’s ratio of debt and pension liabilities to personal income was 1.8 percent.

No other state had a ratio below 2.2 percent, and four states had ratios above 20 percent.

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