I told a guy at work yesterday about snagging at Reelfoot.
He said he hadn't done it in years and was all excited.
He called his son and decided he would take a half day of vacation and go RIGHT THEN.

Got a call a few minutes ago and somehow they were getting a hook out of a fish and it ended up in his eye.

I have worked with / known this guy for probably 20 years and he is THE most accident prone man I have ever met in my life.
Super nice guy though, love him to death.

When I got the call they said details were sketchy because his wife was hysterical, as I would imagine.

Just a few minutes ago they sent me an email with an update his wife posted on facebook:

Mark is out of surgery. Doc said that his eye didn't look as bad as she thought once she got the hook out. Prognosis is most likely he will not have the same vision. She sewed the hole up in his eye, his eyelid and the side of his eye where they had to push it out. They will keep him until 8 am and then she wants him to go by the clinic in the am to have it checked. She could not reach the hole in the back of his eye and that may be the most difficult problem. Another risk is infection. It is a wait and see. It may be a while before they know how it will go. Worst case scenario is infection or damage causes them to have to remove eye. Surgeon is hoping that his eye will look normal with some vision. She said it was good that it did not deflate and still has gell.

Sure hope he recovers. Guess he is gonna be leaving Jackson in a couple hours.
Send up a prayer or two for my ole buddy Mark.
I feel like crap. \:\(
Youth is wasted on the young.