I had alot of pre-concieved notions about snagging.
I have never done it before today.

Always thought it was not very sporting, cruel etc.

I am sure with the way some people view bowfishing, I am sure snagging is well below that.

I had a BLAST !!!!!!!!

We were there 30 minutes and had 15 fish already.
I got to hot and had to take a little break but then we just HAMMERED them.
It was really ALOT of fun.

Never caught anything except for the asain carp.
Literally we were hooked up on seemingly every cast.
A few did get off and a couple broke off but not too many.

We ended up with 34 snagged between man and I.
We shot into a huge group of them with our bows before we started snagging on the count of 3.
Probably 100 fish in a group and we both shot the same fish. LOL
Man got another one on his own and then got 2 gar.

Man had his drag set too tight and broke his rod on the third fish he caught. I laughed till I nearly cried.
Funniest part was watching him catch fish with that big ole rod that was 2 feet long. \:D

Gonna have to find some better braid too. We were using 50 pound spider wire and it pretty much sucked in my opinion.
It would break on the hook set or when the fish made a run, just didn't care for it at all.

I am already stiff so I am sure I will be SORE tomorrow.
Great afternoon for sure.

Some old man told man to leave his fish piled up on the bank when he comes down there. He comes early in the morning and picks them up for turtle bait????

Have I mentioned I hate photobucket lately?

Youth is wasted on the young.