The UPS man "finally" showed up yesterday with my new Matrix 380. I spent an hour or so setting it up and putting it all together, pretty much cut and dried as far as set up goes. I did switch out the scope to a Hawke 1.5X5X32 I.R. though. The original scope looked bright enough but I'll have to say the Hawke is a better piece of glass.
I took it out for a test drive and after a few tweaks of the scope I had it shooting dead on at 30 yds. Just for giggles I tried one of my Barnett 20" bolts [yeah I know, your not "supposed" to use half moon nocks] but as long as you have the groove lined up with the string I can't see anyone having a problem. The Barnett bolts did shoot a couple of inches low which was to be expected but the point of aim was right on left and right. I then backed up to 50 yards and the bow was right on the money with the #3 crosshair. The Barnett bolt again was right on left and right but was around 8" low.
One thing for sure, my block target was no match for the Matrix, the first shot put the fletching out of sight. Of course my block does have a few years of use on it so that probably played a huge part. I fixed the problem by putting my Yellow Jacket backstop in front of the Block.
I still like my Barnett Quad 400 and will probably keep it around for a spare and let the wife use it, but the new Matrix is awesome!!!!
Why did I go with an Excalibur you might ask? Simply for the fact that it is relatively maintenance free, with a stringer you can change strings in the field and you can uncock it without firing a bolt at the end of the day. Also, Excaliburs have a lifetime warranty.
Thanks volsgo for steering me in the right direction, I be lovin my Matrix!!!
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