So sitting here brainstorming and thinking about mobility with a hang-on. I had a set of muddy climbing sticks and they were nice, but had some things I didn't like, particulary weight and noise.

So last year I posted a topic on the use of a rock climbing harness for a safety harness. Keeping in the same thought, anyone ever used an etrier ( Black Diamond Etrier ) I am thinking if I could get the top and bottom anchored and possibly use some sort of seperator to keep the foot loops open it could possibly be used in the same manner as climbing sticks. Yes/No/Maybe? Your nuts? Open to ideas, I know stability is a concern when using rope or webbing but I am thinking with a cinch strap of some sort anchoring the top and bottom sections of each etrier to the tree would provide additional stability needed to safely scale the tree with a safety harness. May be a little tougher than steel steps, but would be a whole lot lighter, easier to pack, and essentially noise free.
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