We are about to start our fall food plots. We haven't done them in a few years and I have forgotten what we used to use.

Because of the distance to our hunting property, we are usually forced to do the plots all on in a single day. This entails bushhogging the standing brush/grass, tilling the ground, and then planting the seed. We have had good luck in recent years, I just can't recall what we used.

I think we use to use an equal mixture of winter wheat, winter oats, and winter rye.

If we are mostly just trying to create some attraction food plots, do you think that is a good mixture? Do you think just Winter Rye and nothing else would do anything? If I wanted to add clover and maybe Rape, at what ratio would you recommend per acre? I have the guide from Craig Harper at UT, but the amount per acre seems so little. Then again, I don't know anything.

Thanks a bunch!

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