Had a BLAST.

My very first shot was at a buffalo.
Drilled it.
Will post a pic tomorrow.

Grand total for me was one buffalo, one asain and four gar.
Man had two asain, one buffalo, one grinnel and 3 gar.

Had a ball.
The fish just weren't in there like they have been but I had plenty of shot opportunities.

Took a blind shot at a swirl, where several asain carp were on my very last shot.
No clue what I hit but my arrow is still there.

Line was getting a little worn but I didn't re-tie it and it broke on me.

Oh well, part of playing the game I suppose.

Bedtime, I am tired.
Took a spill walking down the concrete when we first got there, that didn't do my knee or my hip any good either.

night night \:D
Youth is wasted on the young.