Last week I posted a need for a bow from anyone that had one laying around that was gathering dust for a young man, my next door neighbor, that I've taken under my wing after losing his Dad. Within hours, minutes actually, I had so many offers to help that I could have outfitted multiple kids with archery equipment. This site is so chocked full of great people and I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the many offers to help, and especially Eric(eweisner) for the bow and Matt at EnergyWave Bowstrings and Archery(fasteddie) for the sight and getting the string done so quick. I've said it before....this is more than just another site—it is an extended family!

I think the pic taken just after getting the gift says it all—it takes a lot to get this young man to smile! <Click on the bottom pic for a brief video> Turns out the kid ain't half bad with bow, especially for someone that has never shot one before....after some brief instruction, and a dozen "practice" shots, I told him to see what he could do at 15 yards.