I haven't had much time lately to shoot my new bow, but what little time I've had has been frustrating cause I can't seem to find center-shot or the "sweet spot." I know most of the time it takes a little experimenting which I've done. I had it paper-tuned when I bought it but when I got home and got to looking more carefully at it my rest was too high or my nocking point was too low cause my arrow was angling up quite a bit. Well I adjusted a few things paper tuned it again and was getting great groups at close range. Once I got out to 30 and 40yards i could tell I wasn't getting good arrow flight and my groups were horrible. I know this could be a slight torquing problem as I get used to this new grip but I would like to know for sure that I have the best center shot before I work on perfecting my form. I tried walk-back tuning last night and made a slight adustment to my rest which seemed to help some. Anyways I guess what my question is what is the best tool to use when initially setting up center shot? Should I start with my knocking point a little high? Any help appreciated.