Man went back to reelfoot Last night and whacked them pretty good.
They killed 18 and man killed 16 of those. \:D

The guy he went with broke his nock on the second shot he took.

Anyway, here are some pics of two fish.
I call these common carp but the short fat one looks like a buffalo, but honestly I really don't know.

Believe it or not they weighed within 3 pounds of each other.
The long one was 22 pounds and the short fat one was 19 according to my scale.

Close up of short fat one:

Close up of the long one:

Both. They are slightly discolored due to being in a cooler of ice all day.

Their entire pile from last night.

Not too shabby I don't think for using headlights and shooting from the bank.
Guess we are headed to Final Flight to get him a Muzzy XD reel.
Thanks SMH, you costing me money !
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