This past winter I got an impulse to put some plots in my hunting place back home. I don't make it back that way but every few months, so I bought the seed and made arrangements for the guy who does the bush hogging to plow, disk and plant imperial clover. Big mistake.....I didn't use round up to kill of the vegetation beforehand. But this was not planned out well in advance.

He does the tracker work and planting in the March timeframe. We had planned to do close to 2 acres, but what I ended up with is probably under an acre. In three little plots.

I went back in late April and tried spray the grass that was coming up.

Was back for this past weekend and seems the weeds are winning. I went back weed ate all three plots to about 4 inchs, trying to cut back the competing weeds. We have had lots of rain. I think the biggest problem is that the deer attack the clover. There is 50+ deer/sq mile in this area, and they have been hitting that clover hard. The biggest plot is close to half acre, looks the best. Just has some competing grass in places. The other 2 have more weeds than clover at this point. I weed ate the smallest on Thursday moring, and the clover looked better already by Sunday.

What should I do at this point? Is it worth treating with herbicides to fight the weeds....if so when?

Two big lessons for me: kill the ground cover off good and plant plots big enough so that they won't get browsed out so fast.