Hey guys I'm ok just has to have some sleep today. I have epilepsy upon all the other crap I deal with and it has got worse over the last few years with my health going down. Anyway I had been taking depakote for it for years which helps but the Doc also put me on Valium everyday about a year ago. I had been taking it everyday but got so sick of taking so many meds I had started trying to wing my self off it. I went from a 5 mg pill which will knock a grown man a flip for 2 days but I had taken it for so long it didn't phase me anyway I had winged my self from a a whole pill to half a pill to a quarter of a pill, with the damage my brain has seen from the accident and a couple of seizures it was really messing my head up trying to wing myself off the meds.

I had been feeling very rough mental wise the last couple weeks but figured it wold clear up when I got off them for good. Thats what I I get for doing my own thinking, Looks like I bout cause my self to have a seizure and close to a stroke. I didn't sleep all night last night and the longer it went on the worse I got. By morning I was on the virge of a full blown seizure couldn't hardly stand it and my head was busting. I couldn't concentrate see or even hardly move. When the Ambulance got here my BP was 147 /107 which is high for a normal man but crazy high for me mine rins about 85/55 most of the time. At the Hospital they gave me some IV Drugs to Stop a Seizure and bring my BP down and then found out I had a Kidney Infection on top of that. Doc told me I could not come off the Meds I was trying to wing of off and prolly would have to take them the rest of my life grrrrrr. So I will go back to what I was doing and should be fine the Doc said but lucky I didn't have a stroke I guess, been in the bed all day hope I can rest tonight and start to get back to normal.

Anyway I wanna thank you guys for the thoughts and prayers I app I love my TNDEER Family
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