If you have a 3 or 4 year quest for a TARP bream and you catch one, WALK TO THE TRUCK AND GET THE COOLER !!!!!

Instead I just grabbed my stringer that I have used literally countless times and strung it up.
It was my first cast in a brand new spot and I got him.
Big BIG black male.
Man was freaking out because he said he didn't know they got that big.

Going by my known measurement of my hand I knew he would be 10 1/2" or maybe even bigger.

I strung him up and stuck the end of the stringer in the ground, again, as I have done literally thousands and thousands of times.

A couple minutes later I heard a splash and saw the yellow stringer moving out of view.
My best dive was fruitless and it was gone. \:\(

I did manage 30+ (will get a count tomorrow when I clean them) of these:


They will be good to eat along with the 37 I dressed earlier today but I would still trade them all for that one fish.
Hopefully I will get to go back there soon.
I only got to fish about 2 hours today and would REALLY like to be there early in the morning and stay for a while.

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