We avoided the rain yesterday so I carried on with my BBQ plans. I decided to try the 3-2-1 method of cooking ribs that I've read about. The results I thought was incredible. If your not familiar with the method I would consider google or youtubing it. Very simple to I just trimmed the ribs up, rubbed them down, and put them directly on smoker to slow smoke for 3 hours. After 3 hours took them off, put them in foil, poured my vinegar rib sauce in foil with them, closed them up and back on smoker for 2 hours. Most people I saw just poured some apple juice on them, I don't think it matters its just something to create a sweet or vinegary steam. After 2 hours took them off, unwrapped them, put them back on smoker for about an hour to "firm them up". I took mine off in the last step after 30 minutes. When cooking ribs for family and friends I want them falling off the bones. These I couldn't cut for the bones sliding out. Cooked at 225 on a horizontal reverse heated smoker for 5 1/2 hours this was the best way I've ever done it.