I mounted a scope on my cross bow with multiple reticles recently. the scope appears to be perfectly straight and a level said it was when i mounted it.

I went to shoot it today for the first time and it shot way left. I moved it right and the arrow hit the target, moved it some more and so on until i was 6" from the kill zone. I then went to move it more and it bottomed out to the right. This was at 20 yds. At 30 (I shot just to see) it was like 16" off.

2 things i should mention, when cocking it, it seems to cock off center. Also the eye relief is a bit tough as i am near the end of the butt stock to get the proper eye relief.

Has anyone had issues like this? if so what can be done to fix it? will the string cocking a bit off center cause this issue?
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