Seeing the biggest kill thread gave me this idea..I had a couple of people say they wished I could've started an "all-time best" contest, but we got started late on the pre-season contest so I didn't have time.

You can post as many pics as you want! Feel free to add a descrption of why you like the picture.

I like this one because it keeps me guessing on the background buck. Pictures like this one fuel my passion for trail cameras. This cam check began with an upsettingly low 38 pictures. I had no corn out, but expected more pictures as I had several hundred the week before. I had flipped through 37 pictures and had only pictures of the 8 point which was no big deal as the previous check was 90% him. I flipped to this pic knowing it was the last and immediately I saw the buck in the back and was already wishing it was cam check time again! I can tell the buck is 4.5+ and could possibly be that 10 point I have on camera.. but then again, who knows.

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