How sad it is! Schedules have kept me out of the yard something fierce this year. Last week of June I find myself hacking out a patch in the overgrown weed-smothered area that was last year's garden. Put a couple blisters on, but de-crabgrassed a small patch enough to host a half dozen tomatoes, that many bell peppers, two short rows of green beans, one of cucumbers, and four hills of squash.

Have never, ever been this late. Fortunately the cool, wet summer seems to be agreeing with everything, and seeds are popping, plants are taking root well.

Maybe I can de-stress after the summer trips and wedding and kids relocating to their college destinations, and get in some fall greens later on.
Some hunt for racks, some hunt for roasts. I hunt for sheer joy; the aforementioned items are merely fringe benefits.