I've been trying to chip away at more locations of Top's BBQ. There are 14 in all, the Summer Ave location makes for my 6th location.

One thing that I have noticed about Top's is that there appears to be no men working at any of the locations. I'm not sure if they are on a Parole deal, but many of the female employees at all of the locations appear to have a certain inmate look about them. That may or may not be a accurate observation, but the abundance of prison tattoos amongst the staff strongly implies that. That being said, I have had excellent service at every location and the employees appear to always be working very hard.

So, anyway, I got a half slab of ribs ($8.95) and decided to upgrade to a plate (beans and slaw) so my total was $14 and change with a drink. One thing you will notice about each location of Top's is that, while each restaurant is consistent unto itself, and all of them are pretty good, there is as much difference between the individual locations as there are between certain other BBQ joints in Memphis. I'm not sure how much freedom they give the individual restaurants, but there is a noticeable difference.

While Top's is not the best barbecue in Memphis, it is certainly respectable and one of the more economical and all locations stay extremely busy with business that is basically 100% local. If you've never been, there is a location in the parking lot of Bass Pro. If you go during lunch, the line will often be out there door.

This is just good, straight ahead, Memphis barbecue. Nothing fancy, nothing that is going to change your life, but it is as cheap as eating anywhere else (pork sandwich plates are less than $6). Their cheeseburgers are very good and you can order pork skins off the menu for 99 cents. They also have a off menu burger that has a serving of pulled pork. And, if you visit Aldo's Pizza downtown, he serves up a "Memphis pizza" that has a pile of Top's BBQ and coleslaw on it.

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